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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Evernight's Valentine's Snippets (reprise day 1)

* Hi all! We're gearing up for Valentine's Day and Evernight Publishing wants to spread the love around! Authors in this tour will be sharing snippets from their stories and awarding prizes for people who answer questions on their excerpts. :)
* For a lucky commenter on my blog, they'll have their choice between either a PDF of Wild West Weekend or Wild West Hauntings. What you'll need to do is answer a question that I'll provide regarding the excerpt I'm going to share in the comments section, and leave your name and email. You should also 'Like' the Evernight Publishing Facebook Page ~ click here ---> Thanks!
~ Excerpt from Wild West Weekend ~
* Across the drive, a horse’s whinny followed by a loud metallic thud jerked her from her thoughts. In front of the stables, a silver, extend-cab pick-up idled. A man, topped with a black cowboy hat, tossed a large bulky bag into the truck’s bed.
* She titled her sunglasses down her nose to get a better look at the cowboy. Tall, built but not burly, she’d place him around six feet tall. His tan hands were pronounced against the long white sleeves of his shirt. Relaxed fitting jeans encompassed long legs but didn’t formfit around his butt. She wished the denim was tighter so it’d give a better idea of his muscle structure underneath. She’d hate to think the worker had a soft, saggy ass.
* The man lifted the hat, wiped his forearm along his forehead. The sun’s afternoon glow highlighted golden streaks in his brown hair, but his arm created shadows on most of his face. She could only make out one prominent cheekbone and strong jaw. He replaced the hat, strolled over to the stable building, and faded into the dark shade of the building.
* God, he looks like he has great lips for kissing, a five-o-clock stubbled chin that she could trail her tongue along and tease it with the prickles. She waited on the porch for another glimpse of him. He stepped out of the doorway, face still cast in shadows so she couldn’t get a good look, with a length of rope looped in his hand.
* Desire coiled low in her stomach, bunched into a tight ball. She purred quietly to herself. Maybe she’d see about a weekend fling with the ranch hand. A bit of a scratch for my little itch. And wouldn’t it be nice if the ranch hand was actually Dakota? A soft snicker followed the purr.
* A throat cleared behind her. “Ms. Harding?”
* Catherine turned. Tall and thin, the busty blonde-haired office manager stood in the doorway with a tired, agitated look on her face, glancing from her to the man at the truck and back. Seems that the office manager doesn’t like me checking out the staff… or that man in particular.
~ Question ~
* What couldn't she do?

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