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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

From 'Wild West Island Getaway' ~ a Mid Week Tease ( @rmsotera #erom #paranormal )

Welcome to the middle of the week!
Mid Week Tease is an event where authors are spotlighting a few lines or a paragraph or two from their stories. Readers, you get to sample some delicious snippets and be teased, titillated and tantalized into the weekend!

Our contribution to MWT this week is from our wip Wild West Island Getaway. The gang has traveled to Grand Cayman. Bristol and Damon are on their honeymoon. Cassie and Dak are at odds. Cassie's gone off to think and find herself and encounters someone new. Enjoy!

* She assumed the position without question. Ethan placed the rock on her hands to weigh them down. The rough mass, long and wide enough to cover both hands and most of her fingers, pressed upon and nipped her palms. Slowly, the compression and pricks to her muscles and tendons turned into an aching burn. Letting the mild pain float through her, she tested her mobility. She couldn’t move her arms. “Innovative.”
* “I’m good that way.” Ethan straddled her thighs, pinning her lower half to the blanket. “Have to think quick on my feet during my cases.” He bent down and kissed her chin, trailed hot kisses down her throat and nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck. His hands untucked the hem of her shirt from her shorts.
* Electric heat coiled in her shoulder where his lips met her skin, twisted down and joined the sizzling charges shooting along her abdomen where his fingertips skimmed in lazy circles. His sensual assault almost had her glossing over what he’d said. Cases? “In your work as a cabana boy?”
* “Sure.” Licking the notch between her neck and chest, he unbuttoned her shirt, then sat up. “If your hands start to hurt let me know, otherwise, be quiet.” Ethan moved the folds of her blouse away and traced the lace at the top of her strapless turquoise colored bra. “Front clasps. Good.” With a snap of his fingers, he unfastened the hooks. In one smooth motion, he plucked the fabric from her and exposed her breasts. “Lovely.”

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