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The Double D Ranch Tales ~ Fictional tales set on a fictional ranch and other locales in southern Nevada. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. ~ Happy Reading!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

185, 2 & 130K+ ( #ddrtales @evernightpub @crmoss @rmsotera )

     Hi folks. Dakota Dougan here. You might be wondering about the numbers I’ve listed. Well, as ranch manager, it’s one of my duties to keep track of how things are running. You know, keep tabs on accounts receivable and payable, whether our guests are happy or not, making sure our ranch meets the high standards we set. Yes, I am a control freak. Or at least I used to be. Cassie’s been helping me break that particular trait of mine. I have to say, though she’s getting a little overzealous with those cuffs and that crop of hers, I like the way she tries to get me to stop micromanaging. My hot woman in the sack can distract me any time. Anyway, I digress. Back to the topic before someone on the spread or in the back office needs my attention.
     So, me and my monitoring… I set about looking up things on the internet the other day and came across some interesting numbers. If you’ve looked at our Ranch News page, you’ll see a couple of them there. Some kind folk gave mine and my brother’s stories about how we met our ladies a read through and commented on them. I tip my hat to y’all and say thanks for your time. ;)
     The next number I came across was the 2. Yep, that’s what our tales on love were rated by another. It’s sad really, a bit of a disappointment that our fun, light hearted romps in the high desert mountains of southern Nevada didn’t fare better with them. But c’est la vie. To each their own. Luckily, I had found that 5 star rating a couple of hours later. Made the folk around here feel a little better about themselves and the hard work they do. For a while there I thought I might have to wrangle tickets to Love for them all so they could have a nice evening out and cheer up. Yep, there are perks to living only a few miles from the strip in Las Vegas.
     If you’ve read mine & Damon’s story, could ya give us a holler and let us know what you thought? We have a Guest Book now–top of the page in the menu bar–where you can stop by, say “Howdy!” and leave your comments. If you don’t want to comment in our Guest Book, feel free to email our associates C.R. Moss and RM Sotera. ( and/or They’ll be happy to pass the word along. If you haven’t had a chance to read our stories, could you pick up a copy (details on purchasing are below) and then let us know what you thought? Marianne & Miguel along with Marianne’s sister, Rachel, and her beau, & the rest of the gang, are looking to share their ghost stories with you, but they’re feeling a little gun-shy about the process due to the numbers rolling in. Same with me and Cassie and Kane and Roxy. We’d love to let you in on what happened to us when an Indian spirit came to visit. Let’s let the people of the ranch here know that their stories are worth telling, too. Be much appreciated!
     As for the 185 and the 130K+, they come from sites that sell our stories. First off, let me say that the best place to pick up a copy of our tales about life on the ranch is at Evernight Publishing. The e-books there are available in PDF, HTML, EPUB, and PRC/MOBI.  PDF is the most requested format. EPUB works best with the iPod and iPad, while PRC works best with Kindle. So no matter the reader you have whether it’s a Kindle, Nook, or just on your computer, you can get the version you need through Evernight. Plus, my accounts receivable department will thank you for your patronage there since we get more bang for our buck through the direct site. Just click on the word Evernight and you’ll mosey straight there.
     But should you like to shop elsewhere, you can also find us at ARe. Yep, we’re there and in the top 200 (#185) of Westerns. Now, that might not seem all that great to y’all who are in the top 100 or even the top 10, but it beats being at the bottom of the list, don’t it? You can also find WWW at Amazon for the Kindle. The other day there we were at 130,000 and change. Yeah, it’d sure be better if that number were lower...much lower...but we’ll take that over 1 mil or more. ;) Barnes and Noble has us, too. But, again, the best bet is straight from the horse’s mouth so to say at Evernight.
     Thank ya kindly for your support! And, don't forget to stop back and check for news and updates. Feel free to let us know how you're doing and how we're doing as well.
~ D ~

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