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Monday, April 15, 2013

Speed Date Challenge! Find a #BookBoyfriend - Meet Andrew! ( @rmsotera @evernightpub bl0g h0p )

Book Boyfriends...
They can be strong and sexy, dark and dangerous, rebellious and reckless or cute and quirky. We love to fall in love with these irresistible heroes and Evernight Publishing has them all!
The authors of Evernight Publishing invite you to a Speed Date challenge. Their cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, shifters, even steam-powered heroes are waiting to meet you on each author website. 50 heroes in 7 days! Are you up for the challenge?
Pull up a chair and get to know every single one.

RM & I would love to introduce you to our hero...
Name: Andrew Mathison (Dalton Dougan)
Height: 6’1”
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: dark brown
Celebrity look-a-like: Ryan Aloysius Lavery, a fictional character from the American daytime drama ‘All My Children’
* Meet Andrew Mathison, who hails from the east coast and holds a master’s degree in psychology. Once into the metrosexual scene, he gave it up in favor of blue jeans, a five o’clock shadow, adventure and hard work. The second name associated with him happens to be his ancestor. His girl claims he’s the spitting image of Dalton. He sometimes thinks he is Dalton.
*** What do you like to do for fun in Las Vegas & back home, Dru?
~ Anything outdoors. I used to be focused on my career and indoor activities, but after the issues with my mother I try to stay active outdoors as much as possible.
*** How do you stay in shape?
~ I used to work out in the gym, lots of running on a treadmill, some Pilates and yoga. Now that I’m living on the ranch, it’s a lot of riding and ranch chores.
*** What do you look for in a woman?
~ Intelligence. A good heart and sense of humor. A great smile.
*** What is the sexiest part of a woman?
~ Her eyes. I love gazing into a beautiful pair of eyes and seeing the love and life in them. Breasts aren’t bad either. ;)
*** Who do you admire the most?
~ My mom. She’s been through a lot in her life and has such a strong character. Her strength is admirable.
*** What do women say makes you attractive/appealing?
~ I have a quirky sense of humor, I can dance, and now they seem to love it when I take my shirt off and show my chiseled chest and abs.
*** What book can you be found in?
~ Wild West Hauntings – Book 2 in the Double D Ranch Tales series
*** Tell us a little more about yourself, i.e.: Where are you from? What brought you to the setting/point in the story where you come in? etc…
~ I’m from the east coast. I went to college in New York City and dated a great girl. Unfortunately, I had to leave due to family issues and left her without word and any closure. Once the issues resolved, I learned some interesting information which had me traveling to Nevada and the Double D Ranch.
*** Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
~ Yes and no. The yes… When I arrived at the ranch, I was brought into the family fold right away. The Dougans accepted me without question and automatically started calling me Dru. They sure do love their ‘D’ names! The no… And this isn’t really a big thing, just strange. After we all heard about what Rachel – that’s my girl – and Bristol went through, I sometimes catch people on the ranch looking at me, and I can’t help but think they see me as something peculiar. You see, I’m the spitting image of Dalton Dougan, an ancestor of mine. And from what Rachel said, Dalton brought her and me together.
*** What was the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you?
~ That’s a bit of a story which I’ll share later in the week. ;)
*** Where do you see yourself in the future? What do you hope to accomplish?
~ I see myself settling down with my girl, either on the Dougan ranch or on some land of our own, and supporting her in whatever she wants to do – whether it’s building her own psychology practice, raising a passel of kids or both. Me, I’d love to start breeding horses. Yeah, quite a ways from what my original plans were for my life.
*** If you could time travel and/or live anywhere in the world, where would you go and/or where would that be?
~ Once upon a time, I really wanted to go back to the Regency era in London. I also wanted to travel to Dubai and do some indoor skiing. Now, I’m exactly where I need and want to be, in the time I need and want to be in, with the girl of my dreams.
* Stay tuned for some more posts from me during the Book Boyfriend week!
And get this – There are prizes to be had! What’s up for grabs?
** One lucky hopper will win a KINDLE PAPERWHITE eREADER sponsored by Evernight Publishing.
** Every book blogger/reviewer site is giving away one free eBook from Evernight Publishing (winner’s choice of any eBook from Evernight Publishing’s website).
** Plus, each author offers their own unique prize! So visit each blog hop stop for a host of fabulous prizes to win. RM and C.R. are going to give one lucky winner their choice of one signed print copy of one of their books along with something special (bought at Adam & Eve and it ties into Wild West Hauntings) that’s a surprise! Print books to choose from include: Wild West Weekend by C.R. Moss & RM Sotera - or - Cassadaga Moon by RM Sotera - or - Tracked by Casey Moss - or - Fate’s Deal by C.R. Moss (Information on these print books can be found on our websites.) OR ~ Should the winner choose, s/he can be put on a wait list for when Wild West Hauntings is available in print, which should be sometime during the summer of 2013. Also, if you're attending Hot Mojave Knights let us know and we'll put you in a second drawing for an extra special intimate event with C.R. & RM.
How to enter?
** Answer this question: What makes a cowboy sexy? (Since I realized I'd like original answers, I changed the prize question from 'What would Andrew like to start doing in the future?' to the new one. Please answer the 'sexy' question to be entered. Those who have already commented are okay.) Be sure you leave the answer, your name AND your email address in the comments below to be eligible to win a prize. For extra entries into our individual blog prize, feel free to follow this blog via google connect in the column to the left and/or share this post via the share buttons under this post and let us know you shared.
Now what?
** Keep hopping to the next author or blogger. After you’ve met each hero click here to vote for your favorite book boyfriend. You’ll earn an extra grand prize entry!
- and -
You’re one step closer to meeting your next Book Boyfriend... Visit the links in this list:

RM and I have 2 novellas and a third novel length story in the works for this series. We're also planning a special intimate event at Hot Mojave Knights ~ A Romance Readers' Event in Las Vegas regarding our Wild West series of books! So come out, meet us, enjoy the weekend and find out what we have planned for the series. And if you follow this blog and the C.R.'s Blog, keep an eye out for upcoming bl0g h0ps for prizes and that extra special HMK prize from me and RM Sotera. ;)


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