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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's him ~ Hump Day H00k #HDH Find a #BookBoyfriend ( @rmsotera @evernightpub bl0g h0p )

Howdy all! I'm combining my post for Hump Day Hook with a bl0g h0p my publisher has put together. Info on it can be found below. Feel free to enter the challenge if you like or just comment as usual for the HDH. Actually it'd be great if you could vote for Andrew Mathison/Dalton Dougan RM's and my hero for the challenge via the voting link that's offered below. We'd appreciate it! :) This week's h00k is from Wild West Hauntings and is when Andrew first comes on the scene.
* The doors to the outside swung open. Bright morning light burst into the room, backlit the two large figures coming in.
* “Dakota,” Cassie called. “Come join the celebration. Marianne and Miguel are going to get married.”
* “Be right there. I need to settle a guest in.”
* Rachel’s gaze followed the two men as they sauntered over to the office. The shorter man’s stature stuck a chord of familiarity in her, but his head was covered with a cowboy hat and a shadow obscured his face.
* So much of the situation reminded her of how she used to see Dalton. Come on, dude. Turn around. Dakota went in and came out of the office with a key that he handed to the newcomer. Come on. Both men finally faced the group.
* Rachel gasped and tugged on her sister’s shirt.
* Marianne bent toward her. “What?”
* “It’s him,” Rachel whispered staring at the man’s profile as he continued to talk to Dakota.
* Her sister looked up at the guy. “Him who?”
* “The guy I dated in college. Andrew. He’s changed a bit, but I’m almost definite it’s him.” Different was an understatement. There seemed to be more muscular bulk to his body. His face had lost its roundness, was chiseled and highlighted with a scruffy five o’clock shadow. Tight jeans adorned his legs, accentuating a great looking ass.
* “How so?”
* Rachel didn’t want to go into all the nitty gritty details that she was noticing, so she offered a few basics. “Looks like he grew his hair out and went back to his natural color. He used to dye it blonde.”
* Miguel raised a brow. “A man dying his hair?”
* “Yeah,” Rachel replied. “He was a total metrosexual. We went together to have manicures and pedicures a couple of times. He was always clean shaven, very put together. He figured if he was going to be a psychiatrist in the city, he’d have an image that he’d have to maintain. Marianne, why didn’t you tell me he’d be here?”
* “I didn’t know.”
* “Folks,” Dakota announced walking over to them with the man at his side, who’d removed his hat. “I’d like to introduce a long lost cousin. Everyone, meet Andrew.”
* Andrew took turns shaking hands and greeting each person. An easy smile lit his face. The longer brown locks of his hair curled over his forehead and ears. Laugh lines creased around his eyes.
* Dalton. Rachel’s heart sped up as her stomach dropped. She flung her hand out to grasp onto her sister.
* “Are you all right?” Marianne inquired sotto voce.
* “Yeah, I’m just seeing a ghost.”

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  1. Love love love your cowboys! And so glad Dru gave up the city life !

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    j.m.platt83 at gmail dot com

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