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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love Scene Blog Hop (& MWT 2/12) w. @evernightpub 4 #valentinesday #lovescene #erotic @rmsotera
Hi all! RM and I are happy to share a hot scene from our Evernight Publishing book, Wild West Promise, for the Evernight Publishing Love Hop in celebration of Valentine's Day. Evernight is offering a grand prize - a $100 Visa gift card - to one lucky commenter drawn from all the comments made at all the blogs. So the more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to win! RM and I are also offering a prize - a $10 Evernight Publishing Gift Certificate - to one lucky commenter. So be sure to leave a comment telling us your most memorable Valentine's Day (whether good or bad) along with your email address to enter for the prizes! And be sure to visit the other hoppers (links below in the first list) for more chances to win!
Here's a hot scene between Kent and Maggie, the hero and heroine of Wild West Promise...
....“I struggled last night, and I’ve fought my feelings all morning to keep my hands off you,” his deep voice murmured against her ear. He pressed his pelvic region against her ass. “And as you may notice, I’m losin’ the fight.”
....She smoothed her hands over his. Soft and supple they were not. Kent’s palms and fingers held weathered signs of a man who worked the land. She wanted them touching her, all over her body. She wanted the hard cock pressing against her back out of his jeans and sliding in and out of her pussy. Squeezing his hands sent his lips against her ear followed by a sweet lingering kiss.
....“Maggie…I can’t give you what you probably want…a relationship…but I can give you what you need.”
....Still snug in his arms, she half turned. “How do you know what I want?”
....“Doesn’t every woman want more than one moment? I’m really starting to like you, and the last thing I want to do is hurt you. Thing is, I’m not a relationship kinda guy.”
....Honestly, she didn’t want or need forever, especially after the way she’d been treated in her marriage and put through hell five years ago during her divorce. On top of that, she’d endured one disastrous affair after another when she entered the dating world. She just wanted right now. The urge to feel desired, revered and break her multi-month dry spell propelled her. The warmth running through her body intensified at the thought of him making love to her.
....Finishing the turn, she faced him. “I promise the only concern on my mind, my only want today, is to have you screaming my name with passion within the hour.” The truth in her words made her pulse pound so quickly and thoroughly that the vibrations moved through her neck in droves.
....His beautiful chocolate gaze bore into hers. He pressed their bodies together tighter. “Are you sure? I don’t want to upset you, Mags.”
....“Kent, I’m a big girl. I have lots of dating experiences on my resume. Believe me, I truly appreciate your concern, but if I didn’t think I could handle something short and sweet between us, I wouldn’t be here right now.” She reached up, flicked off his hat and ran her fingers through his thick hair. The locks’ softness surprised her. Such a contradiction. Rugged, work-worn man. Luxurious hair. Who knew?
....“Darlin’, you’re like no woman I’ve ever known.”
....His voice rolled from him like the rumble of distant thunder and reverberated through her, enflaming her desire for him even more. Offering a sexy smile, she ran the tip of her finger along his stubbled jaw line. “Your life is here. Mine, for the most part, is in Philadelphia. Just as you can’t guarantee me anything, I can’t with you either. Except to give you my all in the moments of time we do have with each other.”
....Tired of words and idle chatter, she palmed the sides of his head and locked her lips with his. At first, she sensed a harnessed control from him, but as she coaxed her mouth and then her tongue over his, his restraint faltered. His lips seduced hers with a ravishing need, kissed her like there was no tomorrow. She pushed the fact that there wouldn’t be one from her mind and met his searching tongue with her own.
....His hard cock pulsated against her belly as his arms cradled her in a seductive cage. Any concerns she might have had about a fling with the cowboy crushed under the lust bursting forth inside her with enough power to disintegrate all worries.
....She wanted to touch and taste him everywhere. Twice. Three times. As many as it’d take to commit every luscious muscle, dip and curve to memory.
....When she thought the sheer sparks of ecstasy shifting through their kiss would ignite them into flames, she pulled away. “I want you. Now.”
....“Good. Cause I’m ready to scream your name. Just like you requested.” Kent removed her long-sleeved shirt then slipped his hand under the back of her tank top and tried to unhook her bra.
....“Wait.” Maggie grasped his arms, stopping his movements.
....“Don’t you mean more?” he whispered and then chuckled.
....She slid her hands toward his and directed them around to her breasts. “It hooks in the front.”
....“Oh, one of those.” His deft fingers unfastened the hooks and released her mounds into waiting hands. The firm warmth of his lips on her shoulder combined with the swirling movement of his tongue toward her breastbone made her groan deep in the throat.
....“Oh, Kent. More please.”
....“Your wish is my command, darlin’.” In a flash, he pulled her top off, shucked her bra to the side, and had her up into his arms.
....Kent carried her to the small bunk and laid her down. Desire and lust unfurled in her as he held her close and nuzzled the valley between her tits, licking and nipping at the delicate area. When he reached for her ponytail and tightened his hand around it, she hummed louder. His lips ravaged hers again. She arched her back, brushing against him and giving herself up to the aphrodisiac of his touch and kiss.
....His hands explored her curves with possessive hunger, moving ever so gently across her hardened nipples. Warmth pulsated through her, sent her pulse racing, and narrowed her focus until all she could think of was him filling her with his cock.
....Maggie pushed his hands to the snap of her jeans. “Take them off now. Please!”
....“My, my. Slow and easy, darlin’.” Kent’s harsh, lust filled voice and sultry laughter flowed over her. “But then…” With a wicked grin, he unsnapped her jeans and yanked them down her legs. Seconds later, he ripped off her panties and touched the soft wiry hairs at the junction of her thighs.
....Passion overriding logic, she didn’t care that he tore her underwear, she just wanted him. Kent slipped his fingers into her canal. On a whimper, she closed her eyes, reveling in how his skillful fingers stroked and glided amongst her nether lips. The moment his thumb circled and massaged her clit, everything inside her clenched with excitement and desperate need.
....“You are so wet. Mmm…”
....His words were the heroin she needed, shooting her up with more desire and heightening all her senses beyond belief. Colors became crisper. She breathed in his scents of leather and earth and smelled the spicy undertones of his aftershave. Her fingers tingled against his starchy shirt and rough jeans. Everywhere he touched her, zings of electricity bolted through her. She stared up at him.
....Light blazed in his eyes, then grew dark and hypnotizing with pleasure. “Maggie, darlin’, you’re fucking me with your gaze.”
....Enough with foreplay. She didn’t want to wait any longer, nor be the only one in a birthday suit. “I do believe we need to get you out of those clothes, cowboy.”

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  1. thanks for the excerpt. i really did enjoy reading it

  2. The most memorable Valentine's Day was last year when I had 12 whole hours to myself. With 6 kids that's a very rare occurrence.

  3. Great excerpt. The worst valentnes I ever had was when I baked a red velvet cake and while moving the cake to the table I slipped and fell on the cake.

  4. My husband and I never really do anything. If we remember to or have enough money we remember cards or a few gifts. We just like to spend time together with our kids.

  5. Just loved this excerpt! The wild west and hot cowboys sign me up please! My most best valentines day was when my husband proposed to me. I had just got off work and was heading to my 2nd job at that time when I saw my boyfriend outside next to my car. He said he just wanted to say hello and give me a quick kiss since we couldn't spend V-day together. After quick kiss goodbye I went to get in my car. Sitting in my set was a ring box. Shocked I opened it but it was empty! I turned around and found my boyfriend on his knee with the ring on the tip of his fingers asking me to marry him. It was the most happiest day of my life and I was not expecting it! Of course I said yes and now we are happily married with 2 kids! Thanks for sharing

  6. I don't really have a favorite Valentine's Day, their not bad we just keep them pretty low key.

  7. My most memorable one was the one that occured four days after we got engaged =) back in 2007. We spent a weekend in Denmark, enjoying hotel, good food and each other *happy sigh*
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Saturday!
    fr_larsson at hotmail dot com

  8. Time spent with the hubs without interruption is usually the goal >.<


  9. My most memorable one was when I bled all over my pants because I just had a C-section and had no business out.
    leighannecrisp at yahoo dot com

  10. I don't think I have a good or bad Valentine's Day story. I mean usually the day is spent doing what I usually do every other day, so nothing special has ever happened .

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  11. Any Valentines that Hubby and I get together without the kids is a great one :) Thanks for being part of the hop.

  12. Thank you for the excerpt I enjoyed it. The best Valentine I had was when my guy sent flowers to my job and when I got home I had a basket full of books.


  13. Fabulous scene :-) Hmm, most memorable Valentine's day has to be the one we almost got arrested. Hubby and I were still dating and getting frisky in the back of his van in a hotel car park. Next we know, flashlights and pounding on the roof.
    "This is the police. Get out of there."
    "Just let my fiance get dressed first, officer."
    Fortunately this was the 80s, and I had a really long jumper that I could throw on. Completely starkers, underneath I faced the grinning police men....

    Me thinks they did that on purpose. Anyhoo, we got away with a stern telling off.

  14. Love that scene! The most memorable Valentine's Day I can think about was when I was little and my dad brought home flowers for my mom and he brought a single sunflower home to me as well as a giant teddy bear. It was awesome!
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    Thanks for sharing the Mid Week Tease with the Blog Hop!

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    tammy ramey

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