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The Double D Ranch Tales ~ Fictional tales set on a fictional ranch and other locales in southern Nevada. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. ~ Happy Reading!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tea ~ DD Tales, Reviews & RomCon ( @rmsotera @crmoss @evernightpub #romcon )

Wow! What a weekend! My writing partner, RM Sotera, and I drove up to the Denver/Aurora, CO area for RomCon this past weekend & what a time we had! It was so great meeting other authors, meeting our fans and making new friends/fans. And the eye candy wasn't bad either! ;)
There were fun events. During Build A Hero, the group I was in had a visit from model, Len Gunn. Then during the Mad Libs event, a really nice couple won an awesome gift basket with some very interesting items in it.


 On Saturday night before the Chocolate Mangasm party they held the book signing. RM and I sold copies of our books and gained more recognition for our co-authored project, Wild West Weekend.

The trip to Colorado wasn't just great because of the event, it was also wonderful because we were able to work on the next Double D Ranch Tales! On Thursday afternoon, we sat in the lounge area outlining and developing scenes for book 2 (tentatively titled Wild West Hauntings) and book 3 (tentatively titled either Wild West Holiday ~Island Style or Wild West Getaway ~ Island Style). We've also discussed ideas for books four and five and possibilities for a couple of novellas! So stay tuned for more info at the Double D Ranch blog.
Which brings me to all the awesome reviews we've received on the first book, Wild West Weekend that can be found under the review tab at Wild West Weekend - Evernight Publishing. Thank you readers for your kind words! And, to those of you who mentioned the first book was too short cause you wanted more of the characters? Have no fear, there'll be plenty more of the gang from the Double D Ranch in the next books...more love, fights, & making up. New family members and guests will be introduced. In book two there will be a ghost and a poltergeist. In book three, they'll be in the Grand Caymans where antics and trouble abound. Some great conflicts, that even surprised us as we were outlining the stories, will occur. And, of course, there'll be lots of hot, steamy sex again! Haven't read the first book Wild West Weekend yet? Get it here:
Thank you all for your support and readership!
C.R., RM & the gang at the Double D

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