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Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen (12/09-11/11) #WD12 @WeekendDirtyDoz

a dozen from 'Wild West Weekend' ~ a contemporary erotic romance with cowboys set just outside of Las Vegas.

     “Four more hours and I’m out of the upcoming hormonal jungle,” Damon murmured as he finished documenting the last debit entry into the Dougan Ranch financials, drank the remainder of his Coke, and stepped out onto the porch. That was his first mistake. The second one, without a doubt, was noticing the outstretched, dancer’s style leg emerging from a black stretch limousine. His cock hardened slightly. Interested in the view, he hooked a thumb in his jean’s pocket and stared in amazement as a petite woman, with hair as black as the night sky, fully emerged from the car.
     His gaze drank in her red pumps, and the sexy way she struggled to gain footing on the unpaved driveway.
City girl. Great. She should’ve stayed on the strip. He shook his head as she surveyed her many bags, picked up two, tried to take a step, wobbled and dropped both. A grin crooked his face.
On second thought, this could be entertaining.

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  1. LOL! Entertaining indeed.

  2. Damon Dougan here. Trust ponderings with Bristol only get better. The woman will soon be the death of me...I just hope it's later instead of sooner. Trust me, her pregnancy has aged ME twenty years!

  3. Pretty good work there. I like it!