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The Double D Ranch Tales ~ Fictional tales set on a fictional ranch and other locales in southern Nevada. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. ~ Happy Reading!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not long now!

We received our edits recently so we're getting close to our release date. Though we don't have an exact date yet, we're still on schedule to come out in September. Yay!
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For now tho ~
Here's another peek into Wild West Weekend...

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
     He glimpsed her light blue colored eyes, which were mind-blowing gorgeous, then he looked out toward the brown and red mountain sides with dark green bunches of foliage blanketing the property, then back at her. “Hi Bristol, I’m Damon.”
     “Well, Damon, do you think you could give me a hand with my bags? I mean you’re the bellman, right?”
     He raised an eyebrow. Tweaked, in a humorous way at her assumption that he was hired help, he crooked his head to the side and allowed his very interested gaze to assess her like a piece of property he was about to purchase. “No ma’am. I’m not the bellman. Just a helper around here. As a matter of fact, Bristol, you look very capable of making a few trips in and out of the lodge to get your bags to your room. The clerk is inside. Why don’t you skip on in and get the settling in part of your trip pushin’ forward.”
     “Excuse me?”
     Ignoring her ire over his not so subtle hint, he snickered. “Out of curiosity, what makes you think I’m the hired help, anyway?” He surveyed the five overstuffed red suitcases now scattered around her. “You realize that this is a ranch. What’s with the luggage? You plan on movin’ in with us?”
     Dakota cleared his throat, pinned Damon with an incredulous look before addressing Bristol. “We would be more than happy to assist you with your bags, Ms. Ashcombe. Forgive my brother. I believe he’s forgotten his manners in the presence of such a beautiful woman.”
     She giggled softly, appeared to study Damon, her gaze rolling up and down his body. “I just assumed you were the bellman because you look like an employee. Look at the way you’re dressed. A little raggedy. And no, I’m not moving in. My western clothes and accessories take up three of those bags.” She pointed to the suitcases around her, then started swatting the small gnats in front of her face, like she was conducting an orchestra.
     Even the bugs seemed enamored with her presence.
     Five freakin’ bags. Damn city chick’s high maintenance.
     He should’ve run. Far, far away. But something about her held him in place like glue. All of a sudden he didn’t want to leave the ranch as quickly as he’d planned. Perhaps he should stay around for a few days longer. His anniversary camping vacation to the wilds of Zion National Park could wait. Something he’d buried deep inside him, a dull steady aching to be near a woman, but not just any woman, surfaced. It was a surprising need for the woman before him. He knew without another thought, she would be worth postponing the trip.

Look for this first Double D Ranch tale coming soon to!

Happy Reading!
C & R


  1. Nice excerpt! I like your characters already.

  2. Thanks Lorraine!
    We had a lot of fun with this story and are looking forward to having this great group of people in several more stories.